Construction and road maintenance
EcoServicesBTP designs, builds, renovates and maintains road infrastructures (levelling, tarring)

A number of different operations are undertaken: ground preparation, excavation, formation of platforms, filling and evacuations.

Arrangement of public and private spaces
EcoServicesBTP designs, builds, renovates and maintains the utilities (water pipes, structures and equipment ...) and private.

Buildings construction and renovation
EcoServicesBTP designs and manufactures all kinds of buildings (residential or commercial use) rehabilitates dilapidated buildings.

Machines transportation
Thanks to the quality of its equipment as recognised by its customers (earth moving equipment carrier of 3 to 4 axles) EcoServicesBTP can transport small machines from 10 tons to up to 40 tons and over.

Renting of earth moving equipment with driver
Thanks to a well trained staff complement, its competitive price, recent investment in a range of quality equipment, EcoServices CivilBTP has been able to establish itself as a reliable partner in the field of Civil Engineering.